National Series Final

What a blast

Practice all week had been going very well, we arrived at the venue at 10.00am plenty of time to get settled. Practice on the day was nice and relaxed, bit of banter between competitors plenty of laughs.

Then came the first match, nothing can prepare you for this except doing it.  My heart was pounding and I was sweating profusely and my hands were shaking so much I could barely get the arrow on the rest. Not daring to look at the crowd, the screen, my opponent for fear of distraction, I focused solely on the target and going through the shot I knew would put it in the middle.

I managed to make a few reasonable shots and found myself the winner, speaking to Simon afterwards he was in the same state I was.

Time flew by between matches and the semi final was against Adam, pleased with just getting through the first round I managed to relax a bit and  was just looking forward to having 2 more matches in this fantastic atmosphere.

The match started out alright, despite the dodgy 8, and 15 arrows later and a score of 145 I found myself heading into the Final.

The final came and went in a flash, shooting wise I don’t remember very much, just trying to stay focused on the gold, the first I noticed of the crowd was a ooohhh when I shot a 9 on the eighth arrow. The final score of 146, my best pass of the day, was enough to beat Simon and win me the title of National Series Champion 2015, and $2000.



National Series stages 5 & 6

The weekend started Saturday morning at 3am getting ready to leave for a 235 mile drive down to Exmouth for the closing shoot for the 2015 National Series.

The WA50 qualification round went well on a slightly breezy morning and I came on top with 683.

The afternoon didn’t go so well, I think tiredness caught up with me and I was knocked out in the 2nd round by Lee Miller.

After a lousy nights sleep with my bed deflating in the middle of the night, I wasn’t really ready for the WA1440 on the Sunday, but it was a nice day with very little wind.

I managed a 1387 and 5th place guaranteeing me a place at the Finals and adding a few more points to my ranking score.

Beds DBL WA1440

Guess what it, was windy again. Had a great battle with Brian Murrell and managed to come out on top. Nothing else to report really.

National series stages 3&4 – Surrey

Surprise  surprise it  was windy all weekend, still not necessarily here for the  scores as  much  for  the  finishing position.

With a 1st and 9th place from Oxford gave me 2nd  place in the series rankings,  I  was certainly looking to maintain that.

The WA 50m  was a tricky 683, but with some reasonable 144  H2H  matches I managed to finish 7th on the Saturday, maintained my  2nd place in the series.

Sunday was a WA1440, this time with the wind came bursts of rain to further test our resolve.  With scores of 324, 345, 341 and 356 total 1366 I managed  to finish 5th, unfortunately  other archers results meant  that I dropped to 3rd place  in the overall series  rankings.

Clophill Fita Fest

July 4th and  5th was  the Clophill  Fita  Fest, Saturday  started  out  as  many others have  this  year  – windy.

I  have to  say i  considered packing it  in  and  trying  again  on Sunday, but I stuck  it out scoring a measly 671 and  not  a  decent pass among  the  H2H’s  for my ranking.  The  final  against  James mason  was  great fun  with James winning in  a 1 arrow shoot off.

Sunday however  was  a  different  story  altogether, with no wind  in  the morning I  managed a new PB of  702 for  the WA50m only to  come  in  2nd to  James who also shot  a  new PB  of 704, I don’t  mind  2nd it was a fantastic score for my ranking and GB qualification. The wind  picked up in the afternoon which put pay to any really good H2H scores.

Sundays  final was a rematch  between  me  and James but this  time I  held  on  to win.

Cambridge WA 50m & WA1440

Great weekend at Cambridge with the WA50m and H2H on the Saturday and a WA1440 on the Sunday.

The WA50m went well, in a light breeze I managed a 692. That will go towards my ranking and next years qualification.  The H2H in the afternoon were a damp affair with a constant light misting of rain, but thankfully no wind at all. I managed to put in passes of 148,146,147 and 145 to win the day and more scores towards ranking and GB qualification.

The Sunday started out well for the first 18 arrows then slipped, and with it getting windier in the afternoon the best I could manage was a 1366 and 1st place.

Masters 2015

The past weekend was spent up at Lillishall, in the wind again, shooting to retain my Masters title.

Saturday was the WA50m and H2H, I managed a 4th place in the ranking round and a 1st place in the H2H.

Sunday was  the WA1440 and again i managed a 1st place and retained my masters title.

This year so far has proven to be difficult on the scores side but plentiful on the results side. Here’s hopeing for a less windy shoot.

Middlesex WA 1440

The best day for shooting so far this  year, and it started out so well with new county records for 90m, 70m and  the Long metric.  Unfortunately after lunch 50m didnt quite go to plan and I didnt work out what I was doing wrong until 1doz into 30m.

Still a good score of 1393 towards my ranking, but  it should of been so much more.

90m 344

70m 354

50m 337

30m 358


National Series Stage 1&2

Last weekend saw the the first 2  stages  of the 2015 National Series at Oxford.

On a rather windy Saturday I could only manage a 669 WA 50m ranking round. Come the afternoon with some consistent shooting in the head to heads I found myself in the  final against Adam Ravenscroft, last end and 1 point down I shot  x x 10 to win by 1 point and a great start towards getting to the final in Nottingham at  the end of August.


Day 2 started off with a light breeze and the shooting was more where it should be for the first 3 doz, the wind picked up for the next 3 doz, and stayed for the rest of  the day, leaving me with a more respectable 688 and in 1st place for the qualification round. Unfortunately  in the 2nd round  of Head to Heads  I came up against Chris White and  was beaten 143 to 141 finishing the day in 9th place.


Overall I am sitting in 2nd place in the race for the top eight who get invited to the finals.

1st Caswell WA1440

A wet and windy Kettering was last weekends venue. Could only manage 1366, still I suppose it’s getting better. Can’t wait for a decent day I am sure I can get back to last year’s scores.

Looking at  the scores  below I need to work on my short distances.

90m 323

70m 350

50m 340

30m 353