Matts Update

Congrats to Neil and his 1400+ score and first archer to achieve both magical scores in recurve and compound.


Shooting has been pretty good so far but not always reflected in the scores. I have had a few placings Walsall which I was pleased about the shooting due to weather conditions and coming 4th. Then the weekend in Southampton 720 H2H where I came 3rd and 2nd.

What does seem to be my achilles heel this year is my work and especially the night shifts. I appear to be fighting fatigue which is making it very hard to shoot. I don’t have a solution to the problem other than rest which at times can’t always fit it in but I am not beaten yet. I will always try to succeed in what I enjoy but I will need to consider cutting down the  number of shoots in the hope the rest will help and giving more holiday to choose the better shoots.

I long for better weather like everyone so lets hope June brings the sunshine.