Shot in another H2H today, qualification round was shortened to 36 instead of the usual 72. Won all my matches against seniors 6-0 and then lost 6-2 to Jess Nillson. Went to the bronze medal match where I won 6-0, so a very good day for me.

National Series stages 5 & 6

The weekend started Saturday morning at 3am getting ready to leave for a 235 mile drive down to Exmouth for the closing shoot for the 2015 National Series.

The WA50 qualification round went well on a slightly breezy morning and I came on top with 683.

The afternoon didn’t go so well, I think tiredness caught up with me and I was knocked out in the 2nd round by Lee Miller.

After a lousy nights sleep with my bed deflating in the middle of the night, I wasn’t really ready for the WA1440 on the Sunday, but it was a nice day with very little wind.

I managed a 1387 and 5th place guaranteeing me a place at the Finals and adding a few more points to my ranking score.

Talent week sumary

Talent week was great fun this year,

This week was organised in the format of an international shoot.

The first day consisted of the qualification round(72 arrow round) at 60m for me as I am a cadet.  

Next there was the knock out rounds which sadly I was removed from quickly as I was against a very strong shooter.

The next day was the mixed teams, I was teamed with Eva Henderson a very consistent and strong shooter, after the round reached 4-4 we went into a shootoff and lost by 1 point.

The final day for me was the team event which is 3 people in a team, it is set the same way as the mixed team except all the same gender and an extra member on the team. The rules are that only one archer may be present on the line at any time, also if an arrow is drawn from the quiver too early a judge can call you off the line which costs precious time as it is only 20secs per arrow.

I enjoy shooting in this international format and Head2Heads and think it is a great experience for all archers.

New Bow

Today I have bought an American Flatbow just to have a bit of fun with, especially when recurve starts getting too serious.  Can’t wait to get the arrows and go and have a play…..

Wet Weather Shooting

Knowing that wet weather shooting is not spoken about too much, here is some information to help you when the wet weather hits:

So you role up to the weekend shoot and the sun is out. It’s a great morning and you are feeling good. Equipment is good. You are all set up and ready to shoot a monster score. As you start yourwet weather shooting archer in the rain sighters you see a few clouds in the sky and by the start of the third dozen it happens;  the heavens open and you suddenly realise that you are standing in the middle of a field, at the weekend, in the pouring rain.

With the British weather this is an all too common experience and unless you are a very “special” person it can be a painful time shooing in not ideal conditions. Being prepared for these eventualities could be the difference between still hitting that monster score or not.

So what do you do?  Here are some of the hints and tips about shooting in wet weather…..

First of all the most important thing is to have suitable wet weather clothing that will keep you dry, but more importantly are suitable to shoot in. The only way you will know is to try it out. Put on your wet weather gear (ideally when it’s not raining) so you can take your time and make sure the clothing fits and it’s not too baggy.

If you are struggling masking tape can be a god send. Remember it’s not a fashion parade.  You can use the tape to stop clothing getting caught in the string when you release.

wet weather shootingInvesting in good wet weather gear is recommended. It may cost a few quid, but when you are able to shoot and stay dry you will see the results and guarantee you will have a smile on your face.

It may be obvious, but a good outdoor umbrella is a must. Try and keep as much water off you as you can. A good golf umbrella or archery brolly is a great item for a christmas or birthday list.

Other clothing that you might look at is thin warm layers. There is nothing worse than getting cold and trying to shoot, and when you become cold there is a greater chance of injury, so thin layers allow you to stay warm and dry. If you do get any item really wet you can change it quite easily.

Wet Weather Shooting

Make sure you have good footwear to shoot in. If the rain comes down you don’t want to be skating all over the shooting field. Walking boots with a decent tread may sound a little over the top, however you will be thankful when you don’t end up with mud on your behind or worse.

Shooting in the rain can be a good experience, but be warned your arrows will normally drop on the target. The faster you adapt to the conditions the more chance you have of still hitting that monster score. Many national records have been shot in poor conditions. You relax and just let the shot happen as sub consciously you say to yourself that you will not hit the score.

Keeping your bow as dry as possible is difficult but it is worth the hassle. Have a towel handy and wipe off excess water BEFORE you shoot. You will be surprised at the difference this will make.

Make sure you stay hydrated.  Just because it’s raining and cool, it doesn’t mean your body will not need fluids. Drinking a little but often is the key and ideally liquid that is at room temperature.

Wet Weather shooting

Last but by no means least you will need some form of shelter. A good size for the spectator line for your bow and you. These range from £50 to £150, but well worth the investment.

As you will probably get the hint, this is all about preparation. The more you have covered the ”what if’s” the better the score you will be able to achieve.

There is lots here that have only touched the surface, bit like looking at an ice-burg, there is so much more that you can not see. If you have some thoughts on this please do drop us a line at info@aim4sport.com and title your email “Wet Weather Shooting”, and some of the replies will be posted on line. Please let us know your thoughts.

Shoot em strong and see you on the shooting line soon.

Talent Profilling Day

Talent assessment day went well, got new S&C programme to do alongside old one. Shooting went well and am prepared for the long week of shooting…

Did you check your score ????

Did you really check your score properly at your last competition and make sure that the scores tallied up to what you had ??  No ….. shame on you.

It is one of the basic fundamental rules of shooting competition to make sure that you have checked the score .  You have been shooting for hours, in all types of weather.  You are hot and thirsty, tired from the days activity, and it all goes to pot,  all the training, self sacrifice, all of those 100’s, 1,000’s of practice arrows and to find it’s all been in vain. Why, because you have signed for a score that was incorrect. This happened in the last archery world championships to one of the greats in the compound world…..No less than Rio Wilde.


US compound archer
US compound archer Rio Wilde

When recently signing for his score, Rio signed for 242, instead of the 342 that he had actually scored. This dropped the US compound team from top spot to well outside the top 20.
It shows that even the archery gods (from my mere archery proficiency) are human and can make the most elementary of errors, but that can have the most profound results.  We have obtained a copy of the offical score card that was signed for and submitted


Moral of the story, if you are shooting in any type of competition:-
• Make sure you keep a record of your own score (even if you add up the end totals at the end of the shoot the arrow values are the most important).
• Add the score up and don’t be hassled by anyone on your target to “hurry up !!”
• Take your time as you don’t want to make a mistake that could cost you a place or 3 in the results sheet.
• Check the total score and end totals with the person scoring your target.
• ONLY when you are happy with the score do you sign you score card.
Hope you find this information helpful and please keep an eye open for aour future posts and blogs.
Aim4sport team…


Hi all,

With this new option we will be posting from this blog from time to time about anything that is related to archery. also you will be able to follow all of our Sponsored archers who will be letting you know who their own shooting is going.

If there is something that you would like us to feature please let us know and we can look into any aspect int he archery world.

Stay tuned.

Beds DBL WA1440

Guess what it, was windy again. Had a great battle with Brian Murrell and managed to come out on top. Nothing else to report really.