Cambridge WA 50m & WA1440

Great weekend at Cambridge with the WA50m and H2H on the Saturday and a WA1440 on the Sunday.

The WA50m went well, in a light breeze I managed a 692. That will go towards my ranking and next years qualification.  The H2H in the afternoon were a damp affair with a constant light misting of rain, but thankfully no wind at all. I managed to put in passes of 148,146,147 and 145 to win the day and more scores towards ranking and GB qualification.

The Sunday started out well for the first 18 arrows then slipped, and with it getting windier in the afternoon the best I could manage was a 1366 and 1st place.

Masters 2015

The past weekend was spent up at Lillishall, in the wind again, shooting to retain my Masters title.

Saturday was the WA50m and H2H, I managed a 4th place in the ranking round and a 1st place in the H2H.

Sunday was  the WA1440 and again i managed a 1st place and retained my masters title.

This year so far has proven to be difficult on the scores side but plentiful on the results side. Here’s hopeing for a less windy shoot.