Middlesex WA 1440

The best day for shooting so far this  year, and it started out so well with new county records for 90m, 70m and  the Long metric.  Unfortunately after lunch 50m didnt quite go to plan and I didnt work out what I was doing wrong until 1doz into 30m.

Still a good score of 1393 towards my ranking, but  it should of been so much more.

90m 344

70m 354

50m 337

30m 358


National Series Stage 1&2

Last weekend saw the the first 2  stages  of the 2015 National Series at Oxford.

On a rather windy Saturday I could only manage a 669 WA 50m ranking round. Come the afternoon with some consistent shooting in the head to heads I found myself in the  final against Adam Ravenscroft, last end and 1 point down I shot  x x 10 to win by 1 point and a great start towards getting to the final in Nottingham at  the end of August.


Day 2 started off with a light breeze and the shooting was more where it should be for the first 3 doz, the wind picked up for the next 3 doz, and stayed for the rest of  the day, leaving me with a more respectable 688 and in 1st place for the qualification round. Unfortunately  in the 2nd round  of Head to Heads  I came up against Chris White and  was beaten 143 to 141 finishing the day in 9th place.


Overall I am sitting in 2nd place in the race for the top eight who get invited to the finals.

1st Caswell WA1440

A wet and windy Kettering was last weekends venue. Could only manage 1366, still I suppose it’s getting better. Can’t wait for a decent day I am sure I can get back to last year’s scores.

Looking at  the scores  below I need to work on my short distances.

90m 323

70m 350

50m 340

30m 353