Matts Update

Congrats to Neil and his 1400+ score and first archer to achieve both magical scores in recurve and compound.


Shooting has been pretty good so far but not always reflected in the scores. I have had a few placings Walsall which I was pleased about the shooting due to weather conditions and coming 4th. Then the weekend in Southampton 720 H2H where I came 3rd and 2nd.

What does seem to be my achilles heel this year is my work and especially the night shifts. I appear to be fighting fatigue which is making it very hard to shoot. I don’t have a solution to the problem other than rest which at times can’t always fit it in but I am not beaten yet. I will always try to succeed in what I enjoy but I will need to consider cutting down the  number of shoots in the hope the rest will help and giving more holiday to choose the better shoots.

I long for better weather like everyone so lets hope June brings the sunshine.

L&RCAA Fita Star at Bowmen of Glen

What a day.

Sunday 26th May 2013.

Sunny with a light wind blowing from left to right.

Started out with 342 for 90m and a new County Record.

Followed that with 353 for 70m and another new County Record.

50m I could only equal the existing County Record with 352.

But 30m I managed my first 360 and a third County Record.

In total 1407 (another County record) but more importantly 7 points over that magic number of 1400.

The new front hand position and back pressure really seem to be working for me.

Thank you to everybody around me who tried not to talk about how well it was going until the end.


good weather and training hard

Finally good luck has come around to some decent weather this last week, so have been out training hard. Nice to get good weather and have gone back to basics. It is just lovely to be out in nice weather 🙂

Cambridge Fita 4

Shot the Cambridge Fita 4 Last weekend.

Saturday morning I shot the merlin 4 release aid and scored a reasonable 689

Saturday afternoon shot the Truball hinge release and scored 688.

Sunday morning by body turned up to shoot but my brain didn’t, I shot the merlin 4 again and struggled all the way through even shooting one arrow on next doors face and ended up with 673.

Sunday afternoon I focused, still shooting the merlin 4,  and decided to shoot with a more relaxed front hand and greater back pressure. It felt steadier and the score reflected that, I finished up with a new county record of 695.

new technology

Caz Hants vs Sussex May 2013

Been trying to get the hang of some of the new techno stuff out there! facebook, bloggs, even scoring APPs!
Well like my shooting at the moment, my only two comments are ‘more practice needed’ and ‘life is so much easier when there are instructions!’

Well looking forward to some glorious British weather of rain rain and some wind, glad I’ve got my waterproof notebook, thank you ‘rite in the rain’ and my pens that write on wet and mushy scorecards, thank you ‘Fisher space pens’
Do you think the Russians are gutted they used a HB pencil in space rather than spend billions developing such pens?
Enjoy some great British weather, the running is going well, – always did like running in the rain.

Hampshire vs Sussex


Hampshire had a match against Sussex last Sunday.
Hampshire won.
Also the County Archers at my Club also made the front page of our local paper, bit of surprise seeing yourself on the front page, when you go and get a pint of milk!

Kettering Fita

Shot the 1st Caswell UKRS Fita on Sunday. What a nice shoot, not too far to travel good location, relaxed shoot and on top of that nice weather.

90m started out well with 337, 1 point short of my p.b.

70m went well and I ended up with 347, again 1 point short of my p.b.

50m I shot 350, 2 points short of my p.b.

30m I equaled my p.b. with 359, just one lapse in concentration and I heeled the bow pushing the shot high.

One day I will get that 360. Never mind, I took another step towards my main goal of 1400, with a new p.b. for a Fita of 1393.

Will be going back there next year.