The past month

so i am loving the start to the outdoor season started with meridian and got a new PB and also got a selection score for the selection shoot next year for the junior gb team so started of well the following week was going to practise as the wind had died down a lot was all going well then i had a weekend but still made sure that i got plenty of practise and gym work in and then i had the trip up to lilleshall for the compound squad weekend wasn’t to bad weather was reasonable but was really tired by the end of that weekend finally got to complete set ups so i can have two bows at the europa cup and now to practise shooting with them them are both so different my hoyt vixen and my Matthew’s prestige the hoyt now feels so different it is harder to shoot being able to swap between then is difficult to get weight distribution right it feels odd but i still love shooting the hoyt every now and then its my bow and i miss shooting it as much i am glad i now have it fully set up can shoot it more often now YAY ! i have a very busy time coming up now with college getting close to finishing 6-7 weeks away and competitions from now till the middle of July booking me up i am going to be very busy next weekend its lilleshal for wmas fita star then the following weekend i am of to Slovenia for a week for the europa cup then come back the following weekend lilleshall selection shoot followed by the UK masters followed by a few local shoots the next two weekends then the county shoot at lilleshall then the junior nationals then hopefully the following weekend Romania fingers crossed 🙂

St George

As we had no competitions on Sunday we decided as a club to shoot a St George. I took the opportunity to try out my new Truball HT4L  hinge type release aid.

The day was reasonably warm with a light wind which was behind the trees anyway.

It started out well with all 9’s and ended up with a maximum score for 100 yards. A scoresheet with 3 rows of 12 9’s, 12 hits and 12 golds looks very tidy.

80 yards wasn’t so good, I got a 7. My own fault really, lost concentration for a split second.

60 yards finished off with a maximum giving me 970/972 and a new county record.

What a nice release aid, thanks to Rebecca Blewett for letting me try her one at the Xmas shoot last year.

Bow is shooting nicely, and feeling better balanced, since I added a couple of weights to the short rods. The ACE’s are also going well, not sure if I should change to x10’s or not at the moment.

Aside from the archery we had a coffee break after 100y and a picnic after 80y, what a very civilised mornings shooting.

Kirby Muxloe Fita Star

Me Dad and Jack Got up early Sunday Morning to head over to Kirby for their Fita Star, with some trepidation after following the weather forecast all week.

As it turned out the Weather men were wrong again and it turned out to be a very nice day with a light wind and only a few spots of rain at 30m.

All three of us shot well, winning our respective categories.

My tournament started out with a new P.B. for 90m of 338 followed by a reasonable 70m of 346 then a disappointing 50m of 344 with a very disappointing 30m of 356. Disappointed often with the way I shot rather than the score I ended up with.

I finished up the day in 1st place with a score of 1384.

So far this year my scores have started out significantly better than 2012, lets hope they also improves the same way they did last year.

I can highly recommend the Kirby Muxloe tournament, easy to get to, well run and tasty bacon rolls and hot dogs for only £1.

Shooting Season begins :)


So glad to be out there now that the outdoor shooting season has begun. Really enjoyed the Hampshire County Team Trials, (last Sunday) shared a target with some really nice Ladies I haven’t shot with before, and as always great to catch up with the everyone on the team.

C 🙂

Clophill Fita 4 Day 2

Sunday Started out with a slightly stronger wind, than Saturday, which continued to build up during the morning till lunchtime. Fortunately it was from behind, and I feel we were afforded some protection from the marquees.

The morning round went well and I finished up beating yesterdays afternoon score with 683, all helps the national ranking.

Come the afternoon and with a somewhat depleted compound line, I moved from target 10 where I was now on my own to target 7. It went well and I ended up with 691, now that’s the kind of score I am looking for this year.

It was nice to see the sun and to shoot in a t-shirt for a while.

looking forward to Kirby Muxloe Fita Star next week.

Clophill Fita 4

Finally my outdoor season kicked off today with the Clophill Fita 4.

The day started off Sunny with light a breeze, but the wind picked up steadily throughout the morning. I was not too displeased with a 685 first round score.

The afternoon continued with a stiff blustery tail wind which I struggled to cope with, after 3 doz it started to rain and the wind dropped off slightly and I ended up with 668, never mind there always tomorrow.

Thanks Aim4Sport loving the new bow, just need some better weather now.

Latest news

Hi All,

I am really looking forward to receiving my new Aim4Sport teamwear. Can’t wait to see what it looks like, and looking forward to wearing it later this month 🙂


Happy Easter :)


Great to get some shooting in over the Easter break, and now onwards towards the oudoor season  🙂

Looking forward to more light in the evenings and maybe wearing less than 5 layers  🙂